Thursday, 28 November 2013


Music can express the way some people feel. It helps them get through tough times and helps them consentrate. Most people listen to music because it pumps them up and they find the songs very catchy/entertaining. The bad thing about music is that there are a lot of songs that use profanity and insult/give women a bad reputation. most music like rap, they say a lot of bad things about other rappers just to get people to listen to their music. I like music because it just makes everything more soothing. I listen to it while i do homework, play basketball, and hangout with friends. When i'm mad i always just listen to music and i'll get calm and everything would just be okay.

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  1. I love how you include your own opinion about how you feel about the media mode in each entry! I would also love to read about what you can learn about using the media mode based on both the good and bad things about it. :)