Thursday, 28 November 2013

Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with relatives that live far away. It's a good way to know how they are doing and catch up with them. The bad thing about social media is that there are a lot of abductions going on with people making fake accounts on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Many children are being luered and abducted because they don't use privacy settings and trust people over the internet. I like social media because i like talking to all my friends online. I also love it because i have family in the states and i use Social media to connect with them.


Movies are a fun way to spend time with your family. Most people go to the movies for the excitement, to relax, and for the entertainment. All movies have age restricted content so that everyone knows what movie to watch and to enjoy. The bad thing about movies is that there are also a lot of kids movies that give off inappropriate content. There are a lot of parents that that their kids to watch rated R movies (scary) with them, and the kids get phased and very scared. I like movies because it's a fun place to go with friends. I like scary movies very much for the plot and dialog. i go to movies atleast twice a week with friends and its always a fun time.


Music can express the way some people feel. It helps them get through tough times and helps them consentrate. Most people listen to music because it pumps them up and they find the songs very catchy/entertaining. The bad thing about music is that there are a lot of songs that use profanity and insult/give women a bad reputation. most music like rap, they say a lot of bad things about other rappers just to get people to listen to their music. I like music because it just makes everything more soothing. I listen to it while i do homework, play basketball, and hangout with friends. When i'm mad i always just listen to music and i'll get calm and everything would just be okay.